Purchase notice of TTSUU Software

Thank you very much for your interest in purchasing our softwares, your support help us to continue enhancing our software, and provide you even more neat software features in the future. Defautly, we accept PAYPAL as payment, we also accept Visa/MasterCard/Eurocard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Diners Club, JCB, Fax, Check, Bank/Wire Transfer, Webmoney, Moneybookders, LibertyReserve, Alipay and some other payment methods that not listed here. If you don't want to make payment via PAYPAL, please feel free to contact us for alternative payment method.

We provide 7-DAYs or 30-Uses FREE Trial, if you are satisfied with TTSUU software during or after the free trial period, you need to purchase a license to unlock all limitations to continue to use the TTSUU software, and as registered user you can

  • Use the TTSUU software for life
  • Free version upgrade for life
  • Free technical support for life
  • Get up to 26 quality voice enginees for Free

    How To Purchase TTSUU Software?

    1. TTSUU license fee is $49.95, you can buy TTSUU software via Paypal:
      or buy TTSUU via Softbank:

    Alternatively, you can get TTSUU software for Free here.

    2. If you haven't install TTSUU software, please download and install it on your machine, and then follow the two steps to let TTSUU generate license application file for you.

    3. Send the license application file to ttsuucom@yahoo.com via your email.

    4. Once your order was confirmed, you will get TTSUU license file in the reply email within 24 Hours.

    5. Follow our guidance in the reply email to finish the register process.

    How To Install TTSUU Voices?

    There are 26 quality voices to choose, you can install as many voices as you want, all of them are full tested and work very well.

    1. The quality voices are FREE to use for registered users, choose how many voices you want to install and remember their Voice-ID(s).

    2. Send the Voice-ID(s) (for example: Voice01, Voice06) to ttsuucom@yahoo.com via your email.

    3. Once we confirmed your order of TTSUU software, you will get the quality voices download link and setting guidance in the reply email within 24 Hours.

    4. Follow our guidance in the reply email, download and install the quality voice(s) on your machine, now you can let TTSUU to read text or generate audio files by using the new voices for you.

    How to Purchase AnySpliter?

    The license fee of AnySpliter is $9.95, you can get AnySpliter in below 3 ways.

    1. AnySpliter is free for TTSUU software registered user, if you have purchased the TTSUU software please contact us for register code.

    2. If you want to purchase AnySpliter separately, please click the Buy Now link to place an order.

    3. If you have a coupon code, please input it here: and click to place an order.

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