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The TTSUU software is very easy to use, most functions of TTSUU software are categorized in below three BIG questions and can be referenced at the Home Page, and most new users can easily learn how it works in minutes.

-How to manage Text and Text Files?

-How to control and select voices?

-How to convert text to audio files and Lyrics?

Some Q&A for reference:

1. What OS does TTSUU software support?
Windows2000,WindowsNT,WindowsXP,Windows2003,Windows Vista,Windows2008,Windows7

2. What is Lyrics? and what's the difference between LRC and SMI?
Lyrics, means captions that can be load and shown by some media player when playing audio files. You can select to export both LRC or SMI lyrics at the same time, or export one of them base on your needs. Meanwhile, LRC can be load and shown by most SW/HW media player, while SMI is a dedicated lyrics that can only be load and shown by Windows Media Player. When exporting SMI lyrics, user can set attributes (background color, font color, font size, font style, etc) for the caption.

3. Why the Windows Media Player on my computer doesn't display SMI lyrics?
Windows Media Player is a good media player, but as default although you put mp3 file and the SMI file together, it doesn't display SMI lyrics. To display SMI lyrics just need two steps as following. 1) click menu->play->caption->On(if available) 2)click menu->tool->option->security->display local caption if they are in place

4. Does TTSUU software support 3rd party voice enginees?
Yes, TTSUU fully implemented SAPI interface and therefore can automatically detect other voice enginees, and can work well with them.

5. It promoted "Permission Denied" when run TTSUU software on Win7 system, what's the matter?
For some newer windows systems like Vista and Win7, permission control is strictly managed by system, you can not run a third party software without grant enough permission for it. So, in this situation you need to run TTSUU software using the "Administrator" right, just right click the shortcut of TTSUU software and click "Run As Administrator" menu, TTSUU software will startup normally.

6. Why TTSUU software cannot display Korean string?
That because the default setting of displaying is not for Korean, if will display Korean string correctly if you click the font setting button and set the font type to "Gulim".

7. I missed creating license application file before TTSUU trial period expired, how to create one in this situation?
We suggest you to create a license application file before the TTSUU software trial period expired, if you missed, please contact us to help you in abnormal mode.

8. Why my TTSUU software can only read English in poor voice?
The quality of voices depends on speech enginees. By default, your computer have one to several speech enginees installed automatically when installing the windows system on your computer (e.g. MS Sam installed on WindowsXP, MS Anna installed on Windows Vista, etc), TTSUU can read text or convert text to audio files for you by using the default voices which installed on your machine, however the voice quality of those speech engines are not satified.

9. How to get more quality voices from you?
To have more natural-sounding voices to read text or conver audio files for you, we highly recommend you to be a registered user, after that you will get up to 26 quality voice enginees for Free.

If you have any problem or any question about TTSUU software or the quality voices, please don't hesitate to contact us via email: you'll always get a prompt reply (generally, we reply client email within 24 Hours) and we'll follow up to do everything possible to help you enjoy our TTSUU software and the quality voices.

For your problem or question about TTSUU software or the quality voices, you can also get immediate response via YahooMessenger.

YahooMessenger: ttsuucom

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